Yellow Butter Cake

Hello everyone! I’m officially back from my way-too-long baking blog hiatus. So many recipes to post, so many more I want to make! But let’s start with this–Yellow Butter Cake is from “The Cake Bible” by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I … Continue reading


Purple Ombré Cake

Happy Birthday to me! Not only am I happy that I can officially put my teenage years behind me, but I finally had a reason to make this beautiful ombré cake! Throughout my explorations on food blogs, I stumbled across Beantown … Continue reading

Buttercream Frosting

This has been my go-to frosting recipe for a while now. I don’t even recall how I discovered it but once I tried it I was sold. I’ve tested so many buttercreams in the past and so many times have … Continue reading

Pasta e Fagioli

Happy Monday to all! I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend weather. Saturday was especially beautiful with a breezy, sunny 60° day. I was lucky enough to go exploring through Central Park with Kim so she can get some autumnesque photos … Continue reading