Pasta e Fagioli

Happy Monday to all! I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend weather. Saturday was especially beautiful with a breezy, sunny 60° day. I was lucky enough to go exploring through Central Park with Kim so she can get some autumnesque photos … Continue reading

Prosciutto and Pesto Panini

Hot and toasty sandwiches are always my go-to dinner when I’m distraught about what to eat. They’re quick, easy and very versatile, which makes them the perfect food for all occasions. I have personally dubbed myself the “Grilled Cheese Master” due to … Continue reading

Roasted Tomato Soup

It is finally time to add to the ‘Eats’ portion of my blog. Not only am I a baking junkie, I’m just a general food connoisseur looking to experience all thinks delicious; and this roasted tomato soup happens to be just that. This soup … Continue reading