Champagne Ombré Cake

WOW! So it’s been a minute since I’ve had another blog post…and by a minute I mean a sorrowful 10 months that I’ve been off the grid! I have been so incredibly busy as of late which has been taking up … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Almond Torte with Marscapone Cream Frosting and Fresh Fruit

Salutations my fellow foodies, hope you all had an enjoyable July 4th weekend! As the saying of my festivities went, we all got ‘Star Spangled Hammered’…haha oh how my lame self enjoys a good pun. Anyway, this past weekend I … Continue reading

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This is another fabulous recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book “The Cake Bible”. The cake is buttery, the streusel topping just melts in your mouth and lets face it…the aroma of coffee cake baking in your house is a hard … Continue reading

Yellow Butter Cake

Hello everyone! I’m officially back from my way-too-long baking blog hiatus. So many recipes to post, so many more I want to make! But let’s start with this–Yellow Butter Cake is from “The Cake Bible” by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I … Continue reading


Purple Ombré Cake

Happy Birthday to me! Not only am I happy that I can officially put my teenage years behind me, but I finally had a reason to make this beautiful ombré cake! Throughout my explorations on food blogs, I stumbled across Beantown … Continue reading