Mini Mouse Cake


So I am beyond excited to share that I started doing some freelance baking and selling my good on the side, on top of my hectic schedule. Now included in my food blog I’m going to joyously share all the wonderful creations I make for my clients to possibly inspire some of you! The recipes and processes aren’t going to be included in the posts but if anyone is interested in the step by step process of how I created anything I make please feel free to shoot me an email at! I would be happy to share with anyone who wants.

This cake I made for one of the kids I babysit for, for her 5th birthday! I can’t even take how adorable it came out and seeing her face when I presented it to her made all the hard work worth while.  The mini cake was a simple yellow cake with buttercream frosting, topped with homemade marshmallow fondant and Wilton’s ‘Shape-and-Amaze’ decorating dough. The cupcakes on the other hand are the same cake and buttercream recipe, but just topped with the little ears made with the same Wilton product and homemade fondant bows. Although a long and tedious process to do, all steps were pretty easy to execute, it really just takes a lot of patience. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

mini mouse collage


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